I got addicted to collecting midi's a while ago. That, along with my love of developing webpages made me want to show off my collection in a style you might call.... all my own. I hope you enjoy these pages and please feel free to write with any comments.

Please do not link to these sound files. If you wish to include any of them on your page then download them and place them on your server. To download any of the following on PC, simply click your left mouse button, then select "Save File as ..." from the pulldown menu! To download in MAC hold the mouse button down for a second and choose "Save file as..." from a pop up window that will appear. None of these midi's were created by me and they may not be sold in any form.
If you have any questions as to why not to link from others, please read this from web prestige....

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player for Netscape and Microsoft browsers. It's free, and ready to download.